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We have been extremely impressed by the consistent high standard of service. - Shivonne Goonawardana, Time Magazine
They manage our lists with professional efficiency and ensure we receive a first rate service. - Shivonne Goonawardana, Time Magazine
I have always found their service and quality of information to be impeccable. - Shivonne Goonawardana, Time Magazine
The team having a true understanding and indepth knowledge of our brand. - Shivonne Goonawardana, Time Magazine
Wyvern have penetrated many industry sectors worldwide with our data. - Naz Siddiqui, Euromoney
I would recommend their service without hesitation. - Shivonne Goonawardana, Time Magazine
They understand our products and services and give clients a friendly and professional service. - Naz Siddiqui, Euromoney
Here at Euromoney we consider Wyvern DM to be an extension of our own Sales and Marketing department. - Naz Siddiqui, Euromoney
Euromoney Institutional Investor has had a very successful working relationship with Wyvern DM for over seven years. - Naz Siddiqui, Euromoney
The Wyvern team is always helpful, courteous and efficient in handling requests and processing orders. - Janet McGrath, Jaywing
It is always a pleasure dealing with any member of the account management team at Wyvern. - Elenor Lambert, Lloyd James Group Ltd
Wyvern are personable and professional at all times. - Elenor Lambert, Lloyd James Group Ltd
Wyvern have assisted Lloyd James Group in supplying high quality data for many years across varying client sectors and campaigns. - Elenor Lambert, Lloyd James Group Ltd
It certainly makes our job a lot easier knowing that Wyvern will make every effort to try to understand ours and our clients' objectives. - Elenor Lambert, Lloyd James Group Ltd
We are always happy to work with the list management team at Wyvern DM. - Eleanor Croft, Uni-Marketing
Wyvern offer a professional, friendly service and can be relied on to handle our enquiries and orders quickly and efficiently. - Eleanor Croft, Uni-Marketing
Wyvern has worked with our business, developing how we manage our consumer data. - Rebecca Jeavons, Westfield Shoppingtowns Ltd
Wyvern has provided an email service which has been incredibly speedy allowing it to be a fantastic tactical business tool. - Rebecca Jeavons, Westfield Shoppingtowns Ltd
I have always found Wyvern to be professional, knowledgeable, flexible & generally a pleasure to deal with. - Nigel Griffiths, Indata Services
I have dealt with Wyvern for more years than I care to mention. I have always found them a pleasure to deal with. - Nigel Griffiths, Indata Services
We work with Wyvern on a regular basis. We find their wide and yet unique range of databases to be up to date and accurate. - Jon White, Intermedia Global
We work with Wyvern on a regular basis, the team are friendly and professional at all times. - Jon White, Intermedia Global
Wyvern are always a pleasure to work with as we have done for many years. - Irit Reed, Caspian Partnership
The Wyvern team are professional and friendly at all times and approach projects proactively. - Lindsey Neaves, Fenman Limited
The Wyvern team ensure that quality and schedules are always met or exceeded. - Lindsey Neaves, Fenman Limited
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone. - Lindsey Neaves, Fenman Limited
Wyvern Magic has been a perfect choice to deliver a highly effective events marketing function. - Paul Osmond, Energy Exchange
A brilliant CRM and Single Customer View system backed up by a massively helpful team of business and technology professionals. - Waseem Qureshi, Total Media
Their marketing database has served us well in providing a single customer view, giving us the ability to effectively target our customers. - Sean Hayes, Incisive Media
We have been working with Wyvern and their marketing database for five years. It's a great tool with a fantastic account team. - Sean Hayes, Incisive Media
The team at Wyvern provide top service, they care about our business and are great fun to work with. - Bruce walsh, Institution of Civil Engineers
Wyvern Magic continues to be the cornerstone of our marketing strategy, bringing together data from many sources. - Bruce walsh, Institution of Civil Engineers
Wyvern Magic continues to be the cornerstone of our marketing strategy, enabling our customers to find what they want and helping steer our product development. - Bruce walsh, Institution of Civil Engineers

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Welcome to Wyvern DataCare

With nearly 30 years experience in database building, our innovative computing division has amassed a huge library of tools and expertise that enable us to supply solutions for even the most complex database requirements.

Our Bureau Services include:

Data Audit, Cleaning and Appending

Wyvern is able to provide a world-class data audit and cleansing service, paying particular attention to moving data into fixed fields. We offer 2 options:

  • Straightforward programmatic cleaning where we will reverse out all data and re-import using data enhancement tools. Prior to processing we will remove data elements that cause spurious moves such as Veronica Brook from company to street due to ‘Brook’ being in the street word table.

  • Deluxe Programmatic Cleaning. This involves extensive checking of all data elements that can be moved and passing, or failing depending on validity of proposed move.

  • Data enrichment services available include both standard business metrics and consumer profiling & segmentation using either Mosaic, Acorn or Cameo.

UK & International Address Validation

Available as a bureau service or within Wyvern Magic, we are able to automatically validate UK and International address formats, ensuring your data is accurate, correctly formatted and ready to use.

Customer Profiling and Segmentation

Understanding who your customers are is essential for today’s marketers, and in order to acquire profitable new customers, cross-sell, up-sell and reactivate existing customers both B2B and B2C companies need to understand their current client base.

Using our data analysis and modelling tools we can provide you with accurate and valuable insights to help you build the best prospect lists.

Database Hosting

Your data can be hosted at Wyvern and access provided either by a bureau service, or using the Magic.com web access module.

The Wyvern data hosting service is designed to take up the strain of data management, freeing clients to focus on marketing and sales generation, without the daily worries and costs of managing an in-house IT department.

Client data is stored in Wyvern Magic and access made available through the web module, Magic.com. Wyvern Magic delivers a comprehensive range of marketing and database functions from profiling, segmentation and analysis, through to advanced data enhancement and intuitive campaign management. Magic.com is an easy to use web access tool that gives remote access to the database over the internet.

Job Coding

If you are in a niche market with specialised job titles, you may wish to consider creating a framework to apply job codes to titles.

By careful use of combinations of words we can code up to 80% of your database quickly and easily. We can help you achieve this yourself, or provide it as a bespoke service.

Inspection Copy Module (Publishing Clients)

The Inspection Copy Module has been specially developed in conjunction with our publishing clients.

An industry specific module, this allows you to track inspection copies from issue through to adoption and purchase. The module is designed to bring Sales personnel into the fold through automated emails relating to sales and requires Abraxas to provide remote working by the sales team.

National Suppression File Flagging

Wyvern can cross reference your data with national databases to suppress contacts who are, for one reason or another, no longer valid. These include individuals who are Deceased, Goneaways and those who have moved address. An essential and cost effective service to keep your database up to date.

Website Building

Wyvern’s technicians and marketing team have the expertise to build your company an optimised web presence. Crucial to this is the development of a bespoke website.

We can build a wide range of websites, from magazine and event registration sites to full corporate e-commerce sites. We include a full bespoke design service as part of any web building project.

Workflow Management

This is a separate module available for clients requiring a central point from which to manage projects, controlling a project and allowing for a management level overview of progress. It is hosted by Wyvern and accessed as a bureau service.

The Workflow Management Module is used to give management a simple overview of past, present and planned activity enterprise wide. The Job Booking Module will produce an overview of activity by division.

Job Processing
As an extension to the Workflow Management Module we recommend clients consider our Job Processing service. A job request can be lodged with the job booking module and Wyvern DataCare will fulfil from there. This is a service suited to clients or departments with low resources.

The advantages are that Wyvern will offer a disciplined and controlled production service at an affordable price, supported entirely by Wyvern DataCare.

Subscriptions and Controlled Circulation Hosting

A complete magazine fulfilment service for controlled circulation titles from database building and analysis through to galley files and reporting for ABC and BPA audits.

Aside from the bedrock of pre-issue reports, issue selection and output, we stand out with a digitized retrieval and web integration system including online registrations, reader response service and our DataNet application – an internet based selection and reporting system.

Email Broadcast Service

Wyvern provide an email broadcast service either as an extra module for users of our CRM software, or as a standalone independent bureau service. As part of the bureau service, Wyvern will provide the data and check that the HTML is fully compliant and, all links are working. Test emails are sent to the client for approval prior to broadcast.

We provide clients with their own workspace for a minimal monthly charge. You are given full access to upload HTML, view data broadcasts and reporting functions. We can arrange retrieval of email responses where required (automated as part of Wyvern Magic).

Under both scenarios a full HTML design and creation service is available.

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